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Human Trafficking: Police Open Investigation Into Mo Farah Revelations

As a child, top athlete Mo Farah was kidnapped from Somalia to England. The London police are now investigating his allegations of forced labour.

In a BBC documentary, four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah reported about his kidnapping to England around 30 years ago. The London police are now exploring the available information on the case. "We are aware of the reports in the media about Sir Mo Farah," the Metropolitan Police said. Farah, 39, revealed in the documentary The Real Mo Farah that he has been living in the UK under a false name for decades. His real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin. He was illegally smuggled into the UK from Somalia at the age of nine and given a new identity. He had to do forced labor for a family with whom he was housed.   

Mo Farah
The Sir Who Was Trafficked

Farah wasn't allowed to go to school until he was twelve, and by his own admission he hardly spoke any English at the time. His gym teacher and later best man Alan Watkinson helped him by contacting the authorities and helping to find a Somali foster family for Farah. Farah also obtained British citizenship with Watkinson's help.

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"A Truly Great Briton"

Farah owes his decision to go public with his life story to his four children. "Family means everything to me and as a parent you teach your children to be honest. But I always felt that I always had this secret of never being able to be myself and tell what really happened." His children kept asking him questions to which he didn't know the answer. Farah Hussein named a son – after his real name.

There is no fear that Farah will lose his citizenship once his identity has become known. The UK Home Office has said no action would be taken against Sir Mo, who was knighted by the Queen in 2017. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also backed Farah. "Everything that has survived Sir Mo proves that he is not just one of our greatest Olympians, but a truly great Brit," he said.

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