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Neymar will be tried in October for irregularities in his transfer to Barcelona & Benzema Returns As He Left

The former presidents Rosell and Bartomeu will also sit on the bench.

The Brazilian star Neymar will be judged in the Provincial Court of Barcelona in October, together with the former presidents of Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell and Josep María Bartomeu, for irregularities in the signing of the player by Barça in 2013.

The trial will take place from October 17 to 31, judicial sources have reported. The three will be tried for an alleged crime of corruption between individuals and fraud for the transfer of the player from Santos to Barça in 2013.

Benzema returns as he left

Karim Benzema debuted in Real Madrid's preseason without losing a stitch. With only one week of work on his legs, two less than his teammates, the 45 minutes that Ancelotti promised against America were enough for the Frenchman to explain that I don't know what the Italian coach was talking about after the defeat against Barça. "When he's not around, something's missing," he said. The goal, the danger, the lighthouse.

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Benzema carries on his feet the thread with which Real Madrid weaves its attack. Without the Frenchman, the whites' path to goal is cloudy, as happened against the Catalans. They arrive less, they arrive worse. And that when they arrive, because in the event of a traffic jam it is also he who is delayed to pull the team up.This is how he faced Club América when, with Madrid drowsy, he delayed until almost midfield to offer himself to Kroos.

It was almost as much credit for the summer as for the Águilas, but Real Madrid was losing, they were stunned and Benzema received in the left profile forty meters from the goal. He leaned on Vinícius, he leaned on Kroos, he painted a diagonal, he planted himself on the front, he threw a wall at Asensio and, as he saw it coming back, he connected a curved shot first to keep it in the strain of the opposite stick.

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The only moments of clarity for Madrid in the first half came from Benzema, who would still have another before saying goodbye at halftime. The Frenchman slipped between two rivals with a one-two in the crescent and unleashed a whiplash that whistled past the crossbar. " Benzema is fine", confirmed Ancelotti, in case it was necessary. "He has returned well, but he has to improve his physical condition. We are working hard and we are not fresh."

The French striker went up to the white preseason last Tuesday 19, already in the United States, and is one step behind the group, but will go at the pace of the rest: the workload will rise until the game against Juve in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday. Then a little breathto get some air ahead of the European Super Cup and a well-charged season, especially Benzema.


At 34 years old, Karim Benzema is experiencing the best moment of his career. Last year he was the top scorer in the League and the Champions League, where his goals (a hat-trick against PSG, another against Chelsea, 10 goals in the three knockout ties that led to the final) put music to the comebacks of the 14th. Except for a huge surprise, in October he will return to Paris to see his name carved in the Ballon d'Or. And this campaign awaits the most difficult yet.

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Mbappé 's third 'no' disrupted Real Madrid's plans to strengthen their lead, but the exit operation has continued. The white club gave Jovic a course and is looking for an accommodation for Mariano and Mayoral.

Ancelotti's solution for turning Hazard into a 'false nine', a position where the loss of speed does not penalize him as much and he can take advantage of his vision, mobility and nose. Rodrygo and Asensio are also expected there (if he stays), although the work must be collective (arrivals from the second line, incorporation of the extremes) every time the Frenchman is missing. An option still in process, and of uncertain outcome.

In short, the white team will need Benzema to maintain his performance in an even more demanding season, with a World Cup in betweenThat will disrupt the preparation of the teams. Since his return to the French team in 2021, Benzema has been vital in Deschamps' plans as Mbappé's main partner and will be one of the weapons with which the 'Bleus' will defend his crown. The bill for wear and tear will be borne by Real Madrid.

Hence, the white club has handled the return of Karim Benzema with care, because that of the white team will depend on his health. Ancelotti already said it, "when he is not there, something is missing".

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