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LeBron James' Decision That Puts The Entire NBA In Check

He will turn 38 on December 30, but LeBron James is still the King of the NBA. The forward from Akron already accumulates four NBA championship rings in his hand, and the word 'retired' does not enter, at least, in the short term.

LeBron will start his fifth season with the Los Angeles Lakers in October, which will pay him almost 45 million dollars, an astronomical figure but amortized by the Los Angeles franchise to the last penny. 22/23 is at the moment the last season that the King has signed. And from this unknown, the world of the NBA begins to falter, waiting for the decision made by James.

LeBron, with the keys of the Lakers since 2018

And it is that, from the United States, there is talk of a possible extension that the Lakers will propose to their franchise player. A proposal for two seasons and an amount close to 100 million dollars. Regarding the duration of the contract, the league rule must be taken into account, which does not allow longer contracts to be offered to players over 38 years of age. LeBron has had the keys to the franchise in Los Angeles from day one: he has built rosters with big names in the league that have ended up failing, but he also put together an ambitious and competitive block that helped him get his fourth championship in 2020.

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The door for a possible return to Cleveland, open

The player has not publicly shown his willingness to want to leave the Lakers and that makes the Californian franchise maintain some optimism, which aspires to LeBron playing with them when he is 40 years old. But just as it happened in 2014, the player's roots with the Cleveland Cavaliers allow him to dream of a career ending in the team that selected him in the 2003 draft.

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In any case, LeBron James has not yet given any clues about his future, but the events should be happening in the coming months. In case of rejecting the more than likely contract extension that the Lakers will offer him, the King will be the great claim of next summer's free agency, in which players of the stature of Kyrie Irving, James Harden or Khris Middleton also stand out. A Russell Westbrook whose future seems to be far from the Lakers also finishes contract.

If the Californians managed to place him for the base of the Brooklyn Nets, a rumor that is gaining weight with each passing day, the Lakers would score a point to try, that LeBron continues to wear the purple at least until 2025.

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